All Heists in GTA Online Ranked by Earnings

GTA Online players can earn money in a variety of ways, including Businesses, Contact Missions, and Freemode Events.

Burglaries are the best way to earn the most money at once. They usually require players to team up with friends and execute a carefully planned operation.

Here’s a list of every heist in the game, ranked by their maximum potential grab.

Note: All payouts mentioned are achievable by playing the missions in hard mode

GTA Online Heists Ranked by Payout

8) The Flecca Job (Max Payout: $143,750)

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This is the very first heist GTA Online players can do after buying a high-end apartment.

The mission only requires two players and a setup cost of $11,500. It’s designed to be a kind of tutorial, as Lester Crest helps players rob a Fleeca Bank branch in Banham Canyon.

It’s also the only heist to pay $50,000 instead of $100,000 for completing the Elite Challenge.

7) The Prison Break (Max payout: $500,000)

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This is the first heist in the game to require a full squad of four players. The team must carefully execute each step in order to get Professor Maxim Rashkovsky out of Bolingbroke Penitentiary. The cost to install this heist is $40,000.

The mission is the lowest-paying heist among those that require a four-man team.

6) Series A financing (maximum payout: $505,000)

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Series A Funding is a heist that brings Trevor into GTA Online. It is planned by Ron, CEO of Trevor Phillips Industries.

This is the fourth heist to unlock, but it pays less than the Humane Labs raid. Naturally, this also has a lower setup cost of $40,400.

A full four-man team is required for this heist.

5) Humane Labs Raid (Max Payout: $675,000)

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The Humane Labs Raid is a mission that requires a full team to break into a lab and steal some important files.

Once the EMP is activated, the lights go out and two members must break into the facility and retrieve the files. Meanwhile, the other members must wait in a helicopter outside and fight off waves of enemy reinforcements.

The cost to install this heist is $54,000.

4) Pacific Standard Job (Max Payout: $1,250,000)

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Another mission that was part of the Heists DLC, the Pacific Standard Job lets players experience a classic Hollywood bank robbery as the criminal looks on. This requires a full team of four members who are assigned specific roles.

The setup cost ($100,000) for this heist is considerably higher due to the large payment.

3) The Doomsday Heist (Max Payout: $3,412,000)

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It is the longest heist in GTA Online and has three acts. Each act has its own setup cost and missions, playing out as a heist in itself. The $3.4 million take-out is a cumulative figure.

act 1

The data breach has an installation cost of $65,000 and returns $812,000.

Act 2

Bogdan’s problem has a setup cost of $95,000 and earns $1.1 million.

Act 3

The Doomsday storyline has a setup cost of $120,000 and earns $1.5 million.

2) Diamond Casino Heist (Max Payout: $3,619,000)

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The Diamond Casino Heist is one of the newest heists to be added to GTA Online, and it changed a lot of things.

First, this mission has different approaches that players can choose from. These approaches have their distinct installation costs and missions; they also play out very differently from each other.

DCH also introduced players to the variable loot pool mechanic. The Casino vault can contain any of the items mentioned below (along with their payment).

  • Cash – Max Potential Take (3 players, Hard): $2,326,500
  • Artwork – Max Potential Take (2 players, Hard): $2,585,000
  • Gold – Max Potential Take (3 players, Hard): $2,843,500
  • Diamonds – Max Potential Take (2 players, Hard): $3,619,000

1) Cayo Perico Heist ($4,570,600)

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The Cayo Perico Heist is the newest addition to GTA Online’s heist list and is, by far, the best. The heist requires players to travel to the island of Juan Strickler (El Rubio) and loot his compound for Miguel Madrazo.

The unique feature of CPH is that it can also be done solo, which makes grinding much easier. Like the DCH, this mission also has a variable loot pool after the first attempt, which tasks players with stealing files from a vault.

The other main targets and their payouts are:

  • Tequila Sinsimito: $990,000 (hard)
  • Ruby Necklace: $1,100,000 (hard)
  • Bearer bonds: $1,210,000 (hard)
  • Pink Diamond: $2,090,000 (hard)

This GTA Online heist also features secondary loot. These are listed below:

  • Cash: $313,920 to $357,680
  • Artwork: $352,400 to $399,400
  • Weeds: $389,300 to $398,050
  • Cocaine: $441,000 to $450,000
  • Gold: $492,876 to $499,788

Of the eight total Heists in GTA Online, the first five were added through the Heists DLC. They are quite simple and don’t pay huge sums of money at the end.

The other three were included in the titular DLCs over time. They are much more complex and can sometimes be tricky.

Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh

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