Dr Dre pays ex-wife $ 100 million as couple settles divorce

Dr. Dre and ex-wife Nicole Young. Photo / Getty Images

Dr Dre is due to hand over $ 100 million to Nicole Young after the couple settles their divorce.

The music mogul separated from his wife in March 2020 after 24 years of marriage, and it has been reported by Rolling Stone that he will be parting ways with more than a fifth of his fortune and around half. of its liquidity.

The publication notes that the 56-year-old hip-hop icon will pay $ 50 million now, and the other half after 12 months.

Young will keep a Rolls-Royce, Range Rover, Escalade limousine, Spyder motorcycle and her jewelry, however, she will have to leave her Malibu home.

Dre will retain the rights to its main recordings, Apple stock, and Beats by Dre sales.

The founder of Aftermath Entertainment and Beats Electronics recently admitted that he hopes his divorce will be “smart and fair.”

But, despite his intentions to break up amicably, the record producer was forced to cut off all communication with his ex-wife after she “falsely” accused him of having abused her.

According to a statement filed in court by Dre – who was fighting Young’s demand for more than $ 4 million to pay for his legal fees, the hitmaker I Need a Doctor told his ex-wife he “didn’t want to. make an expensive fight “.

And Dre’s last text to Young, which was sent in early August 2020, ended with him saying, “Let’s keep it friendly and peaceful. It’s over. I love you.”

But days later, rapper Forget About Dre alleged that Young had accused him of abuse during their marriage in legal documents.

He said: “This is a complete lie. Nicole is now also trying to get out of our prenuptial agreement by claiming that I supposedly forced her to sign the prenuptial agreement. This too is false.”

The couple have had no contact since, except in early January when Young voluntarily visited her ex-husband in hospital after suffering a brain aneurysm.

The account of Dre’s visit is that Young hugged and kissed him and told him she loved him before she left – but a few months later the former lawyer filed an order. prohibition of domestic violence, which was refused by the court, and on which it insisted. was not a basis for.

He wrote: “There were never any complaints of domestic violence made by Nicole before or during our marriage, formal or informal. At no time were the police called during our marriage.

“I was present for Nicole’s testimony. She testified that there were no witnesses to the alleged abuse and she admitted that she had never spoken to anyone, including her mother or siblings. or other members of his family or friends, for any alleged abuse. There are no texts, no emails, no photographs, no videos, no police reports, no cases of domestic violence or other
documents proving abuse and no witnesses to his offensive allegations.

“After learning about Nicole’s false abuse accusations last August, I realized then that I didn’t know the woman I had married and loved.”

Dre called Young’s abuse allegations and says he forced her to sign a “appalling” prenuptial agreement.

He added: “[They are] in my opinion, nothing more than an effort to try to get more money than she is entitled to and what she agreed to in our prenuptial agreement. “