Enduro Engineering offers $10,000 in additional payment for NEPG riders

Press release | January 20, 2022

Enduro Engineering is offering $10,000 in extra payout at the 2022 Kenda AMA Enduro National Series presented by Moose Racing.

The following is from Enduro Engineering…


  • $1000 per lap will be the “bonus” for each 2022 AMA National Enduro.
  • Only one runner needs all six tests to be eligible to win the Bounty.
  • Only one rider must win each test to the right – No ties – However, if there is a tie, the bounty will roll over to the next round.



  • If all six tests are not completed by a single rider, the $1,000 will roll over to the next round. Example: If no one wins all six tests in the first round, the second round goes to $2,000. If there is no winner in the second round, the third round will be worth $3,000.
  • If a runner wins the Bounty in one race, the Bounty will start over at $1,000 in the next race.


  • There must be six tests officially scored by the NEPG in the round for the Bounty to be earned. If for some reason there are not six tests in the event or if a test is cancelled, no bounty will be earned and the event money will not be transferred to the next event.


  • If a single rider passes five of the six NEPG-scored tests, but another rider (aka “The Spoiler”) passes one of the six NEPG-scored tests and ruins his competitor’s beautiful payday, Enduro Engineering will award “The Spoiler” $500 for their hard work.
  • If at any time a racer is a Spoiler and the Spoiler is paid, the Bounty will start over at $1000 on the next race.

For more information, visit https://enduroeng.com/

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