Historic Pick 5 pool Wednesday in Parx with compulsory payment

Any idea of ​​taking an “end of year break” to “recharge the batteries” came out of a cannon after no one picked 5 on Christmas Eve at Tampa Bay Downs, and Parx Racing has also announced a mandatory payment of his Philly Big 5 for the last day of his 2021 season.

All in all, Wednesday is a Pick 5 player’s delight with over $ 400,000 in extra cash up for grabs on the two tracks almost linked by Interstate 95. With apologies to legendary sports journalist Red Smith, for surrendering to Tampa Bay Downs from Parx, go south 1000 miles on I-95 and turn right on the old Jacksonville dog track.

Anyway, the only commute I will be doing on Wednesday is to the office, which gives me plenty of opportunities to play out these fantastic sequences, and the first thing to do is first: Horse Racing Nation Choice Page for essential handicap information for all Wednesday runs (and beyond).

I’m not a huge fan of doing a lot of heavy card work without knowing the track condition and scratches, but with a historic number of combinations for this pick 5 before scratches and a zest for some weight of day before, I thought there were nuggets of mine.

And we hit solid ground in Stage 1 with No.1 Double the Heart, an Alternation colt that’s kind of making his land debut in the dying days of his 5th year after 16 lifelong starts, and if the track is wet then it has the potential to climb even higher.

Another feather in the Double the Heart cap is the interior post office, which seems to be advantageous to go through seven stadiums in Parx, especially in the larger field sizes (this one is 14 before the stripes). Outside posts aren’t too bad either, as 10-12 posts won 3 of 6 sprints this week at Parx.


Parx Racing pace report

As far as strategy is concerned, it’s too early to tell, other than I think most players will take a caveman approach (as usual), so some principle positions throughout the game. streak could be the difference between getting to that 8th pick 30 to 1 and trying to survive with a bunch of picks from first to fifth.

To paraphrase professional handicapper @insidethepylons, better to use 1x2x4x4x8 than 3x3x3x3x3.