Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva Payout, Scholarships & Salaries – How Much Did the Fighters Earn?

Jake Paul and Anderson Silva engaged in a crack contest, which saw the 25-year-old come away with a stunning victory over martial arts legend, Anderson Silva. Their contest was highly watched around the world due to the reputation held by each contestant.

The announced payouts for the match have been released. Anderson Silva received a staggering $500,000 in guaranteed money for his participation, while Jake Paul received an astonishing $1.5 million in guaranteed money.

Additionally, the “problem kid” will receive 65% of his PPV shares, with the 47-year-old getting 35% of the pay-per-view share.

For someone who has been candid about fighter compensation, Anderson Silva’s salary for meeting Silva speaks volumes about the long-standing issue. Apparently, the disparity in fighter pay still exists.

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Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva!

Jake Paul’s triumph over the legendary Anderson Silva could be a pivotal moment in the young social media influencer-turned-boxer’s career. With Paul vying for a position as a respected professional boxer, his victory over Anderson Silva will certainly boost his credibility.

The contest lasted all eight rounds, with both competitors having their moments. However, Paul had the best moments during the fight as his overhand right found its target multiple times throughout the fight.

The bruised face of the “Spider” was an attestation of the boxing demonstration that Paul had given him. Silva’s lack of boxing experience was also visible, not to mention the fact that his opponent was much younger.

The ‘Problem Child’ landed the highlight of the night, when he knocked the ‘spider’ down to the mat in the final round of their contest.

Although he came away with a victory, the fact is that until and unless he competes against a genuine boxer, he will not be considered a legitimate boxer, but will be reviewed as such.

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What’s next for Jake Paul?

The newcomer to boxing has now racked up wins over former martial artists turned boxers. Paul has proclaimed and reiterated many times that a fight between him and boxing great Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez will come to fruition down the line.

For that to happen, the 25-year-old will soon have to rack up the wins over real boxers. Still, in typical Jake Paul fashion, the influencer turned to UFC veteran Nate Diaz for a piece.

The two men’s teams squared off at the event on Saturday night, and while the fight would make for a fascinating fight, it wouldn’t have any implications for his boxing career.

The contest between him and Hasim Rahman Jr should ideally be next, with the pair having a history. This will indicate exactly where Jake Paul currently ranks among his boxing compatriots in terms of expertise, skill and technique.

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