Ludwig posts huge payout total after reimbursing Sliker victims

When Tic Streamer Sliker has opened up about his self-proclaimed gaming addiction which he says led him to scam many other creators and viewers, a few influencers have taken action to help the victims involved.

Ludwig and xQc are among the most popular content creators in Twitch history, and following news of Sliker scams, they promised they would help reimburse those affected by Sliker.

Nearly a month later, Ludwig today posted an image confirming payments of almost $250,000, including 72 recipients he and xQc helped recover money from. In total, the image posted by Ludwig showed the victims received $242,956.

Posting on Twitter, Ludwig claimed that he and his team “succeeded in reimbursing the victims defrauded by Sliker”. It’s unclear if Ludwig paid back all of Sliker’s victims, but from his tweet, he seems to believe he did or at least tried.

Ludwig ended his statement by directly mentioning Tic telling the platform that it’s “time to do your job…and ban it.”

In addition to help from xQc, Ludwig had help from his friend and manager Slime to facilitate payments and from One True King (OTK) project manager Wojito to verify victims.

The first accusations against Sliker began in mid-September, and many creators responded by calling on the platform to ban game streams and Sliker itself. Although Sliker lost his partner status and his subscribe button, he was not immediately banned.