McLennan County approves $626,000 opioid payout, directs $12 million to fight addiction | Local government and politics

Felton said McLennan County will not be alone in the process. He said the county hopes to work closely with other counties. He said opioid cases in neighboring communities often end up in local treatment facilities.

Asked about the brick-and-mortar projects, Felton said, “I imagine we would work with agencies that are already organized and involved, help them with their expansions on the brick-and-mortar side with grants.”

The county’s action follows news that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton secured $1.17 billion for Texas through a $26 billion nationwide opioid settlement with Cardinal Health, McKesson Corp. and AmeriSource Bergen.

This is the fifth opioid-related settlement Paxton has secured, totaling $1.89 billion, of which plaintiffs such as McLennan County are getting their share.

“Texans have been devastated by the opioid crisis and it’s important that the $1.89 billion settlement to date is fairly distributed among the communities that need it most,” Paxton said in a statement.

The state reportedly intends to use the settlement funds for opioid treatment, prevention and education over the next 18 years, according to published reports.

McLennan County was among the first government entities to file suit against the opioid industry, in 2017, Bristow said. Since then, he has joined statewide and nationwide plaintiffs in seeking financial reparations.