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  • Voyager is a mobile crypto broker that allows you to trade over 60 cryptocurrencies.
  • The app also offers interest rewards, and institutional clients can use multiple crypto services.
  • You will only need $ 10 to trade assets like bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, and dogecoin.
  • Click here to create an account with Voyager.

Is traveling for you?

Founded in 2017, Voyager is a mobile crypto broker offering commission-free transactions in over 60 cryptocurrencies, with crypto services for both individuals and institutions.

The crypto app also allows you to earn monthly interest payments to maintain minimum balances of different cryptocurrencies, and institutional clients have access to order execution,

, and child care.

The Voyager crypto app is available on iOS and Android devices.

Not sure if Voyager is right for you? Read on to see how it compares to other online investment brokers.

How does Voyager compare?

Voyager, Gemini, and Kraken all have in common: huge crypto selections, low minimums, interest or staking rewards, and crypto services for institutions. But the fees vary for each platform.

Voyager is the cheapest of the three, but Voyager and Gemini don’t give you access to margin accounts or futures (futures contracts are contracts that give you the right to buy or sell an asset at a certain price at a future date) as Kraken does.

If you still want to sign up for Voyager, keep reading to see how it works.

Ways to invest with Voyager


You only need $ 10 to trade cryptocurrencies on Voyager. But Traveling is not exactly an exchange. The company describes itself as a broker who facilitates trading with its routing technology. This means that you will not be able to decide where to execute your trades; Traveling does it for you.

But even if you can’t figure out how trades are executed, Voyager says its Smart Order Router connects to over 12 exchanges and market makers to provide its users with fast order fulfillment and great prices. The app supports bank transfers up to $ 5,000.

Although Voyager’s cryptocurrencies are commission-free, the app earns money (called a “spread fee”) when you save money on an order. Specifically, Voyager says it takes a small spread commission when it executes an order for a better price than what you, the investor, submitted.

Check out the full list of coins and crypto assets supported by Voyager here.

Voyager Interest Program

You can earn interest simply by holding a minimum monthly balance of certain cryptocurrencies. Voyager uses Average Daily Credit to calculate interest, and it pays interest on the fifth day of each month.

The crypto broker offers interest options for several different assets. For example, here are the July rates for some of the crypto assets supported by the interest program:

  • US dollar coin: 9% for a minimum monthly balance of 100 USD
  • Bitcoin: 5.57% for 0.01 minimum monthly bitcoin balance
  • Ethereum: 4.6% for 0.5 minimum monthly ethereum balance
  • Dogecoin: 2% for a minimum monthly balance of 1,000 dogecoins
  • Litecoins: 5.5% for 2 minimum monthly litecoin balances

Interest rates change monthly, but Voyager advertises the rates in the app. The broker also automatically enrolls investors in their interest program, but you can opt out if you wish.

Institutional investment

If you are an institutional investor with crypto needs, Voyager offers a suite of options. These include:

  • Execution platform: Voyager’s execution platform – which it says is powered by its intelligent order router – strives to offer institutional clients the best prices and the most efficient order execution, according to its site Web.
  • Liquidity network: Voyager claims that its platform gives you access to a network of crypto exchanges, liquidity providers, and over-the-counter (OTC) offices. These services allow you to take advantage of multiple trading options with a single account or wallet.
  • Guard suite: You can also choose from several security and storage options if you are looking to protect your crypto assets.

Voyager Digital Brokerage LTD owns and operates Voyager Institutional. Find out more here.

Educational resources

Voyager offers a limited selection of educational materials for novice traders. While the crypto app offers both market intelligence roundups and several explanatory blog posts on different crypto topics, it doesn’t offer much else for newcomers.

For example, exchanges like eToro and Gemini both offer video tutorials and guides on crypto trading, but you’ll mainly have access to blog posts and news summaries on Voyager.

Is traveling trustworthy?

Better Business Bureau ratings typically range from A + to F, but the BBB has assigned Voyager an NR (“No Rating”) because it does not have enough information to rate the company.

The office bases its assessments on how it thinks a business interacts with its customers. It also analyzes other factors, including time spent in the business, type of business, history of customer complaints, licenses and government actions, etc.

Voyager’s case is free from any major lawsuits or scandals. BBB data shows the crypto app has closed nearly 50 complaints in the past 12 months.

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