Senditoo’s partnership with Access Forex gives customers access to 200 Zim payment points

By his own correspondent

LONDON: International money transfer company Senditoo has partnered with Access Forex to set up an infrastructure that will allow it to process cross-border transactions.

Senditoo, which is present in several countries, plans to expand its services in the United States and Canada in the coming months, having established its international headquarters in the United Kingdom, Guinea, Zambia, South Africa and in Zimbabwe.

Senditoo’s money transfer service will allow flat-rate £2 remittances with free exchange rates and real-time transaction tracking.

The company has grown over the past four years, starting with airtime transfers before expanding its service offering to include money transfers and enabling customers to pay their bills. They have also set up an online grocery delivery service.

Access Forex, meanwhile, established in 2016, is an investment bank set up to bridge the gap in the international money transfer market for Zimbabweans living in South Africa and the UK.

Today, the company’s service portfolio helps more than five million Zimbabweans manage their money transfers.

Takwana Tyaranini, co-founder of Senditoo, said, “This partnership cements our commitment to be the remittance service provider of choice for Zimbabweans living abroad and locally.

“Senditoo was created to connect the African Diaspora to their loved ones back home. In line with our strategic priorities, we have partnered with some of the most reputable companies and organizations in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Guinea and from the UK to create a strong presence – ensuring our customers fast, simple and hassle-free international transfers.”

Takwana Tyaranini (left) and Shingai Koti, Marketing Director
at Access Finance International Group (Law

“We are continuously working on the delivery of our products and services to provide customers in Zimbabwe with accessible, convenient and cost effective payment points.

“We have ambitious growth goals and teaming up with Access Forex means we will not only be able to grow, but also provide our clients with premium, quality service.”

Raymond Chigogwana, Managing Director of Access Forex, said, “We are delighted to be able to lend our valuable distribution network and secure payment portal to more clients.

“We have enjoyed working closely with Senditoo to reactivate their entire service portfolio and ultimately ensure that Zimbabweans locally and abroad get money where they need it most. At the time of full deployment, wherever you see Forex access, you can now also access Senditoo.

The partnership means that Senditoo’s services will be available at around 200 payment points across the country.