Swedish central government deficit in June 2021

Deficit forr The Swedish central government in June 2021

Swedish central governmentt the payments resulted in a deficit by SEK 34.0 billion Im June. This was a lower deficit than forecast by the Debt Office, where the deficit was estimated at SEK 35.3 billion. The difference is explained by the fact that the financing capacity of the Debt Office was lower than expected, which offset the fact that the primary balance was also lower than expected.

The primary balance was SEK 1.7 billion lower than forecast. This is mainly due to the fact that tax revenue was around SEK 3.7 billion lower than estimated. At the same time, however, payments from several authorities, including the National Agency for Education and Sida, were lower than expected, which was partially offset by the fact that EU fees were higher than expected.

Net Debt Office loans to government agencies etc. were SEK 2.7 billion lower than forecast. This is mainly due to the higher deposits from the Swedish Pensions Agency.

Interest payments on central government debt were SEK 0.2 billion lower than forecast.

For the twelve-month period up to the end of June 2021, payments from the central government resulted in a deficit of SEK 98.9 billion.

Central government debt stood at SEK 1,227 billion at the end of June.

The result for July 2021 will be published on August 6 at 9:30 a.m.

The preliminary date for publication of the new forecast for 2021-2023 is October 27.


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Central government budget balance and net borrowing requirement1 (SEK million)
Result Provide Detour Acc. Dev2 Result 12 months
Budget balanced -33,997 -35 255 1,258 1,259 -98 858
Report loan requirement 33,997 35,255 -1 258 -1 259 98 858
Primary balance3 37,554 35,865 1,690 4,065 107 953
Net loans to agencies, etc.4 -7,590 -4 879 -2 711 -4,593 -20 846
Interest payments on central government debt 4,033 4 269 -236 -732 11,751
– Interest on loans in SEK 3 954 4,114 -160 -577 14,074
– Interest on foreign currency loans -53 -29 -25 -22 -670
– Realized exchange gains and losses 132 184 -51 -133 -1 653
1 The net borrowing requirement corresponds to the budgetary balance of the opposite sign.
2 Sum of monthly forecast deviations since the last forecast.
3 Net of primary government expenditure and revenue.
4 The net of government agencies, etc., deposits and loans in the internal state bank. The net lending includes both current government operations and temporary events that can be decided in the short term. Net lending affects the net borrowing requirement and central government debt, but is not covered by the central government expenditure ceiling.

More data on the financing need and public debt:


The monthly result of the central government net borrowing requirement is included in the official statistics of Sweden.

The Debt Office released its latest forecast on the Swedish economy and central government borrowing: forecast and analysis 2021 on May 27: 2

  • Swedish central government debt – June 2021

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