T-Pain releases shocking streaming payment for Spotify, Apple Music and Napster

*Rapper T-Pain go to social networks to share a list of music streaming platforms that are not profitable for many artists.

T-Pain took to Twitter on Tuesday, December 28 with a list of how many streams an artist needs to earn $ 1 on platforms like YouTube, Apple Music and Spotify.

According to XXL Magazine, Napster’s $ 1 payout begins after 53 streams, while YouTube’s $ 1 payout begins after 1,250 streams. Meanwhile, Amazon Music and Spotify are giving artists a dollar after 249 and 315 streams, respectively.

Check out the list below.

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Several users reacted to T-Pain’s post, with one asking, “So why don’t musicians vote with their feet: Remove all their music from all streaming platforms except Napster?” Real question here: why do musicians complain about Spotify while supporting them with their music? Just walk away.

“This model is only archaic for artists who like to make music,” another person tweeted. “Not to mention all the money from endorsements, brand deals, label deal / contract, etc. Artists make tons of money as is.”

A third shared this old tweet from rapper Ice-T (see below):

T-Pain explained in a follow-up tweet their reasoning for sharing payment for major streaming services.

“I see a lot of ‘well I guess I’m going to use the best’ not ‘we have to make ours’, keep in mind most artists don’t even get the $ 1,” wrote T-Pain. “I just let the up and coming know what the real thing is. I worked for mine and there are tons of ways around this if you move around properly.

And There you go!