The $5,000 payout comes back to bite Deshaun Watson

The NFL season is only months away for the Cleveland Browns, but their starting quarterback’s legal troubles aren’t going away. There has been an additional lawsuit filed against him by a 23rd woman who has joined Deshaun Watson’s legal troubles with new allegations.

Nia Smith claims she had three encounters with the Browns QB, with her behavior getting worse and worse with each massage session. Part of his testimony also targets a certain $5,000 transaction between Deshaun Watson and Houston spa owner Dionne Louis.

Louis has been linked to setting up Watson with at least three of the women in the lawsuit and it is proven that he received the sum of $5,000 on Cash App.

When asked the reason for the huge sum, Louis says it’s the goodness of Watson’s heart.

Going through Brent Schrotenboer of USA TODAY:

A Houston spa owner recently testified that Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson gave him $5,000, and the reason was simply because ‘he’s a nice person,’ according to a deposition transcript. obtained by USA TODAY Sports.

Smith also showed text exchanges with Louis talking about the $5,000 win, with the spa owner saying, “I told you I’m going to show you how to get money from men, that’s my specialty.”