The Reality Show With The Highest Prize Isn’t What You Think

For more than three decades, the CBS reality show “Survivor” has seen hundreds of contestants face daunting challenges and tasks as they are left stranded on a desert island for more than a month with a group of strangers. As the weeks pass, the group of survivors slowly dwindles to a single survivor who wins a $1 million cash prize (via men’s health).

However, that’s hardly the biggest amount of money taken home by a show winner. In 2020, “Survivor” celebrated its 20th anniversary on air in style by challenging twenty of the show’s previous winners to face off for “Survivor: Winners at War.” Since this cast of hopefuls was more experienced than the average contestant in the original series, the price was increased to $2 million (via Weekly entertainment).

In either case, it’s not just the winner who takes home a large sum of money. The rest of the survivors are also being paid for their time on the show, according to cinema mix, which can range from $3,500 to $100,000 depending on where you sit at the voting table. In fact, some of the richest “Survivor” candidates might surprise you.