The Shame of Council’s Attempt to Cut Abuse Victim Payment – Record View

The £1.75million awarded to a man who was abused as a child by his foster family cannot erase the pain he suffered.

Council leaders removed him from a nursing home and placed him under the same roof as a predator, where he remained for five years until he was old enough to leave.

His pay will never fix broken promises or fulfill ambitions that will forever go unfulfilled because of the way he was treated.

But I hope the money will somehow help her create a positive new chapter in her life.

The bravery shown by the man and the commitment of his legal team will be heartening to other victims of abuse whose lives have been ruined.

However, Glasgow City Council’s attempt to mitigate the damage was a disgraceful attempt to shift some of the blame.

Their argument that he suffered lasting psychological damage because he was already in care before being handed over to his attacker was shameful.

How poetic that in trying to get away with the initial order of paying £1.3million, they end up having to shell out another £450,000.

Their desperate attempt to deny full responsibility was misguided and ended up costing the taxpayer even more.

It would seem that accepting responsibility has gone out of fashion at another level of government.

Conservatives need to find the backbone .. and fast

Boris Johnson in India looked like an extra from one of those old Carry On comedy movies.

Even from this distance, he caused a grotesque U-turn in the House of Commons and carried with him the stench of a Downing Street scandal.

But the real laugh was Johnson saying he would continue as prime minister.

It takes brass necks for a prime minister who has been fined for breaking his own laws to think he can continue this travesty.

But Johnson has never been lacking in self-confidence and in vowing to keep going, he’s trying to write his own story.

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