XBNB – Revolutionary New Cryptocurrency Lets Users Choose Their Payment Token

XBNB will hold a private sale on March 19, 2022. XBNB rewards token holders with any BEP20 token of their choice.

XBNB recognizes the need to introduce the traditional type of savings account offered at banks into the crypto space. XBNB is not a bank; however, its unique tokenomics offers far greater rewards than typically seen on any high-interest savings account.

There is a 20% purchase and sale tax, and 100% of this is redistributed to holders in the token of their choice. There are no marketing or development costs. The team wallet has its tokens locked and earns reflections like any other token holder.

Reflections are paid in the token of the holder’s choice. Choose from any BEP20 token on the BSC blockchain, like ETH, BUSD, BNB or even more XBNB. XBNB is a token that allows users to passively earn money, which is usually reserved for the wealthy. Users will earn any token of their choice simply by holding $XBNB.

There is a user-friendly dashboard on the website that allows users to change their payout token, as well as manually claim rewards before automatic payouts.

The XBNB token contract was fully audited by Coinscope and passed with flying colors. Investors can feel safe knowing that there are no exploits or the ability to lock in the token sale (“rug pull”).

XBNB intends to replace the traditional form of cryptocurrency. With 0% tax for wallet-to-wallet transactions and a token reward of 20%, there is a great incentive to buy and hold.

For more information visit the official website. It contains links to the whitepaper as well as details regarding tokenomics, the total offering, and information on how to participate in the private sale.

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